Water Color

Water Color

Watercolour is so very simple yet if often known as the very hardest of the paints to master.  When you see an artist exude control over this craft, it fast becomes awe inspiring.  The truth: All the planning for a piece can be dashed in a second with the wrong stroke of a brush. But this is not necessarily a band thing.  Quite often little mistakes in watercolor can add to an improved result if you learn to “roll with it”.
Now is your chance to experience the nail biting yet highly rewarding aspects of watercolor painting!

Fun notes:
1) Look at the works of: Paul Klee, Winslow Homer, Georgia O’Keeffe
2) Watercolour has a flat application and use of shading and light is used to create 3 dimension within the picture.  No texture is created with the physical paint therefore you can deceive your audience with your amazing new-found talents.

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