Stephanie Lampron

Stephanie Lampron

Stephanie was an elementary teacher for many years and loves to help people achieve their potential no matter their age.  Teaching any subject through the arts is her passion and knows everyone can create art; they just have to be willing to share a little piece of themselves.  
Her passion is sculpture but she is well versed in many of the fine arts such as drawing, photography, graphic design, and painting.  She ran the Arts Club, Clay Club, Yearbook Club and Bead/Craft Club.  Was also a part of the Technology Committee, Literacy Committee and Education Week Committee.  She also managed the Audio/Lighting/Stage Crew in the Major Production each year, and was involved in the set design/production.
She was a middle school teacher, where she taught full-time in Fine Arts, Language Arts, History and Geography and taught part-time in French Immersion, Phys. Ed., ISSP, French Support, and Core (Math, Science, etc.).  She has also experienced the behavioral program and some of the extra resources some of the schools utilized.  She has an additional qualification to teach Special Education which specialized in Autism.
She has owned several businesses, as well has been very active in the community.  For three years running, she co-organized the 12 Ladies in a Tent event where they raised close to 500,000lbs (yes, half a million pounds!) of food for the local Food Bank.
She has just bought a property north of Barrie, where she spends her spare time taking care of her chickens, bees and growing natural, real food.  She loves the outdoors and finds time to sail whenever she can.  

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