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Sculpture is the ultimate in re-creating your world or creating a new one!  Especially clay and wood, allows you to shape a part of the earth in your hands to create.  Sculpture is primal and basic in its medium and it brings you back to one of the first art forms; it connects you to the planet. 
Sculpture is inspirational in that anyone can create within this medium; children do it like it is second nature.  Because sculpture is a 3-dimendional art form, the challenge with sculpture this is finding the right balance in a piece in order to make it come alive and we will help you with jus that!

Fun notes:
1) There are many different forms of medium you can sculpt from and with. 
2) There are two main ways to sculpt; additive and subtractive. 
3) Putting together a sculpture from clay or a variety of objects (objet trouvé, or perhaps junk art) is an additive method; you build a piece from different things. 
4) Carving from wood or stone is a more subtractive way to create. 

The possibilities are almost limitless in sculpture.  We look forward to building a custom sculpture program for you.

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