From working with light and dark, shadow, colour, subject matter, computer manipulation to old school printing, printing on other media, there is so much you can do with photography that it is truly the most diverse of all the fine arts.  The world is your inspiration; just capturing it is the challenge and we will make that part easy!

Fun notes:
1) Photography has changed so much in its 200 years-from phots that people had to sit for a long time to take to digital and computer manipulation today. 
2) Photography is such a diverse medium you can use it for realism (just taking pictures of the world around you) to use in multi-media pieces. Or you can manipulate photos in such a way taht new new and more interesting works can be created on the fly!

Thanks in large part to Bryan Davies we have now launched our photography progrms.  Starting at photography 101 right through to advanced photographic principles.  If you would like to see us offer or aspecific course, or you have a specific photography related question, please do not hesitate to ask us.

D101 - Basic Digital Photography

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