Oil Painting

Join the legacy of artists before you

Oil Painting

Add yourself to the legacy of oil painters that impacted the world of art and culture through the last few Milena by joining the Spaulding School of Fine Art.   Our teachers will show you why oil is medium of choice for so many and our methods will inspires you to be like the masters that came before you.  

What we love about oil painting:
Looking at the works in museums you can see each brush stroke and imagine the hours of blood sweat and tears put into even the smallest canvas.  You can imagine the smells of the studio and how the artist would sit and work at his craft until it was worked and reworked into the priceless piece of history it is today. 

Oil as a medium is very easy to work with therefore you can focus on your subject matter.

So now is your chance to begin your journey just like Da Vinci and Rembrandt did so many year so. Monet and Renoir, and Canadian artist Tom Thompson look out!  We have a new student to the genre!

Other fun facts:
1) Oil happens to be the most forgiving of the paints therefore oil is a great medium to learn on because you can fix “mistakes” the easiest as you go along. 
2) Usually oil work in layers letting the one before dry first so that each layer won’t crack.  This allows you to fully savor the process of paining.
3) Because oil paintings take so long to dry, an artist even wipe a whole layer off if they need to and start again!  Can we say forgiving!
4) Best of all, oils will let you add texture and 3 dimensions to your work. There are many techniques you can use to create different effects.  Let us show you how today!

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