Colored Pencil

Photo real artwork anyone?

Pencil Crayon

Play with shadow and light but while adding colour to the mix through the incredible medium of colored pencil.  Through color pencil you will learn to be empowered to create art ranging from abstract to even photo-real textures and presentation.  Really!
Through the Spaulding School of Fine Art you will learn how to conquer the challenge of getting a base drawing and colour right so the rest of your piece simply “falls into place”.

Fun notes:
1) Similar to charcoal, coloured pencils use different techniques such as: cross hatching, blending & burnishing, scumbling, among a few.
2) Paper is the preferred medium to use for coloured pencils, but colored pencil can be used on other media as well.
3) Colored pencil is not as “forgiving” as charcoal but just as fun!

See you at your first class!

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