Acrylic Painting

Discover creativity that you thought you had through acrylic painting.

Acrylic Painting

Not only in acrylic painting fun, but it allows you to break the mould by adding many other mediums to your art.  Like paper textures, tinfoil, bark even!
Discover how Acrylic Painitng not only can give you stunning visual color results but also your work will blend with many other mediums with ease.

Working with acrylics will take your inspiration a whole new level.  In fact the challenge with acrylic pating is to not go “too crazy” with fun at the expense of what your piece wants to say.  We look forward to introducing or deepening your knowledge in this wild medium!

Fun notes:
1) Check out Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Jasper Johns for their acrylic masterpieces.
2) Acrylics dry much faster than oils.  Therefore churning out many works of art in a very short period of time is far easier.
3) Not only can acrylics be painted to a canvas but acrylics can be added to just about any medium.  Think eagle feathers, rocks and let your imagination soar!
4) Along with multiple surfaces, acrylics can be used with multiple techniques, from thin to thick application, many effects can be utilized with acrylics. Mix your acrylics with pastels and even pencil crayon work.  The possibilities are truly limitless.

Let your fun journey in Acrylics begin today!

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